Department of Prehealth: Pre-Podiatric

Prepare Yourself.

Podiatry is the medical study of feet and ankles. As a podiatrist, you’ll be guiding people in the health of their feet, caring for sprained and broken ankles, aiding athletes in foot movement, or evaluating a patient’s arch or toe problems. With the Avila Pre-Prodatric Career Track you will be able to obtain the required courses for application to podiatric medical school. The following courses are required by many schools:

  • BI 111 General Biology Cells and Genes
  • BI 112 General Biology Ecology and Evolution
  • CH 135 Advanced General Chemistry 
  • CH 137 General Chemistry II
  • CH 216 Organic Chemistry I
  • CH 217 Organic Chemistry II
  • PH 231 General Physics I
  • PH 232 General Physics II  
  • EN 111 Composition I: Rhetorical Discourse
  • EN 112 Composition II: Rhetorical Argument

Valuable resources for applicants to schools of podiatric medicine

Central Application Service: AACPMAS

Standardized Entrance Examination: MCAT

Additional Information:
American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine
American Podiatric Medical Association
American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association

Dean Darrin Smith, Ph.D.


Darrin Smith, Ph.D., Professor; Dean of the College of Science and Health
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