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5 Reasons to Consider College in the United States

So you’re thinking about university, and you’re unsure about studying overseas. Staying close to home is an option, but the added adventure of going to college in another country is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Check out some of the things that make studying in the United States so cool.

The United States has some of the best colleges and universities in the world. If you’re looking for a top-notch education, American colleges and universities are so highly regarded because of the quality of their education. Professors at American institutions are some of the best in their field, and they’re constantly conducting ground-breaking research. 另外, American schools offer a wide variety of degree programs, so you’re sure to find one perfect for your interests and goals.

One of the great things about attending college in the United States is the 学生群体的多样性. Every year, millions of students from all over the world choose to study in the United States. They come for many reasons: to learn English, 体验美国文化, to get a degree from a top-ranked university, or to take advant年龄 of the abundant opportunities that the United States has to offer. 但美国大学之所以如此伟大,其中一个原因是学生的多样性. Students come from all over the world to study in the United States, bringing a wealth of different 文化s and perspectives. This diversity enriches the learning experience for everyone involved.

毕业后, 当你开始找工作时,你将有机会进入世界上最大的就业市场之一和无与伦比的雇主网络. American companies are always looking for talented and ambitious employees, and they’re willing to pay top dollar for them. 事实上, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 美国大学毕业生的平均工资几乎是其他国家大学毕业生的两倍.

在美国上大学是体验另一个国家生活的好机会. You’ll get to learn about a new 文化 and way of life, 如果你做出明智的选择, you’ll end up with some lifelong friends from your time abroad. 当你在美国学习时,你将有机会亲身体验美国文化. 从为一个 大学橄榄球队 at a game to participating in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, there are countless ways to immerse yourself in American 文化 while you’re here. 和, 当然, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore all that America has to offer, from its bustling cities to its stunning national parks.

Last but not least, college is supposed to be fun! In addition to getting a great education, you’ll also have access to all sorts of extracurricular 活动, from campus clubs to sporting events. There’s something for everyone in the United States, 所以不管你的兴趣是什么, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you. 美国学院和大学最好的事情之一就是有大量的课外活动可供选择. 每个人都有适合自己的东西, whether you’re interested in sports or 文化 or want to get involved in your community. 参与校园活动是结交新朋友的好方法,这些朋友和关系在你毕业后会持续很长时间.

校园里通常有两种课外活动:一种是由学院或大学组织的,另一种是由学生组织的. 大学组织的活动通常更正式,而学生组织的活动往往更轻松. Either way, there’s sure to be something that interests you. 这里有几个例子:
运动队: American colleges and universities have competitive sports teams in all kinds of different sports. If you’re a fan of football (soccer), 篮球, 棒球, 或者其他运动, there’s sure to be a team that you can join. Just take a look at your school’s website or ask around campus to find out more.
学生组织: Most schools have dozens, if not hundreds, of student organizations you can join. These include everything from cultural groups to academic clubs to social clubs. Again, just take a look at your school’s website or ask around campus to find out more.


Whether this is your first time in America or you have traveled here before, there is going to be an adjustment when living in a new place. One of the biggest things to remember is that this transition period will take time, and the amount of time it takes is different for everyone. 无论是语言, 运输, 你的学业, 或者别的什么, you will make mistakes; so be sure to give yourself a lot of g比赛 during this season.


由于美国的规模和它所包含的微观文化,很难描述美国的文化. Though movies and TV shows often lump Americans into a few generalized stereotypes, the 文化 you experience will be specific to the area that you will be living in. Because you will be living in Kansas City during your time at Avila, we have created a “生活在KC” page that walks through some of the more specifics of KC. Some cultural mindsets and practices include:


  • 独立
  • 个人主义
  • 自由
  • 多样性
  • 爱国主义
  • 平等
  • 强烈的正义感


  • 直接诚实
  • 准时很重要
  • Like our Privacy and Personal Space
  • 个人卫生是必须的

For more detailed information about American Culture, follow this link to 文化阿特拉斯的网站了解更多信息.


文化冲击这个词用来描述人们面对完全不同的文化或社会环境时的感受. 无论是短期还是长期居住在国外的人最常经历这种情况. These feelings are part of the assimilation process and are perfectly normal, but this doesn’t make them easier to deal with. 研究这一过渡时期的专家已经确定了大多数经历文化冲击的人在完全适应新文化之前都会经历的四个阶段. These st年龄s don’t have a set timeline, so recognize that for someone one st年龄 may last a week while for others, 这一阶段将持续数月.

Similar to how we feel when friendships and other relationships are first formed, the honeymoon st年龄 is the st年龄 where everything seems exciting and nothing is wrong. The newness of all the differences in langu年龄, 文化, behaviors, values, 等. doesn’t feel wrong, but thrilling. Everything is overwhelmingly positive and nothing seems like it could go wrong.

This st年龄 is often considered the most difficult, 因为文化冲击的副作用在这个阶段是最严重的. This st年龄 can be described simply as the opposite of the honeymoon st年龄. Where in the honeymoon st年龄 everything is great and nothing is bad; in the frustration st年龄, nothing is great and everything is bad. This can feel even more defeating because what you found so great now seems horrible. The food no longer tastes good, but can even make you feel sick. The langu年龄 is no longer something exciting to navigate, but frustrating because there is little communication that is understood or clear, 等.

Common side effects of 文化 shock will usually appear and be felt the most in this st年龄. These are, but are not limited to:

      1. 疲劳和疲惫
      2. Stomach aches, diarrhea or constipation
      3. Headaches and other aches and pains
      4. 无法入睡
      5. 想家、伤心或孤独
      6. 易怒和生气
      7. Withdrawing from social events, friends, and other community
      8. Feeling vulnerable, helpless, and having loss in confidence
      9. Sleeping and crying a lot, not wanting to get out of bed
      10. Not wanting to speak English or do any “American” things, but solely wanting to do things from your home country

After a lot of hard emotions and likely even some physical struggles, you will then reach the adjustment st年龄. 不幸的是,调整阶段并不意味着你可以回到蜜月阶段,一切又变得美好起来, and often this st年龄 still means that you will continue to wrestle with some of the symptoms listed above; however, 这确实意味着结局在望,从现在开始,这些症状会越来越少,不那么极端. This st年龄 is characterized by a sense that things are starting to get easier, or you may even feel as though things are simply starting to feel like a sense of your new normal. Though you may not be thrilled that you culturally have to be on time to events, you find yourself starting to show up on time without having to force yourself to do so. Though you still would like to speak in your home langu年龄, English is becoming easier to understand, 等.

A huge factor that determined this st年龄’s success is a now established community and support. 你越早发现这个, the faster most people move to the adjustment and then the acceptance st年龄s.

After pushing through some of these struggles and giving yourself time, you will find yourself at the final st年龄 in the process. 重要的是要知道,接受阶段并不意味着你会回到第一阶段,发现你周围的一切都很美好, 但这意味着现在的差异不会像第二阶段那样让你失望. When thinking in terms of understanding, acceptance doesn’t mean that you completely understand the langu年龄, 文化, 等., but it means that now you know that you don’t have to have complete understanding to function, 茁壮成长, and enjoy your time in this new place.


In order to Adjust well to a new 文化, you have to keep in mind that adjusting takes a wholistic effort on your part. You can’t just focus on one aspect of adjusting and hope to be as good as new, 你必须在各个方面努力. Below are some suggestions that you can use, 我们建议从每个类别中选择一到两个建议,然后应用它们,这样你就知道你正在进行整体调整.

如果你信教, 保持一种健康的精神生活习惯会对你的调整期有很大的帮助. One of the most important factor in your success as you work through 文化 shock is community. Students that have community may still struggle, 但是当他们知道有人支持他们时,他们会发现自己更有能力接受新事物.


Avila student with backpack walking toward camera on campus

No matter what kind of exercise you prefer: running, 举重, 做运动, 爬树, 等. 想办法保持活跃. 当你这样做的时候, you are not only helping your body get bigger muscles, but helping your body stay healthy as a whole. This will help protect your body from sickness as well.

This could be listed as both a physical and a mental tip, but regardless, you have to get outside. 研究表明,当我们整天呆在家里的时候,我们的身体和精神都不如我们在外面的时候强壮. Kansas City offers a large variety of parks and other 活动 that you can do outside. We even have outdoor shopping centers if that will get you outside, then go shopping!


Student studying at a picnic table while soccer match plays out in the background

As you adjust, it can be hard because it feels like often times you don’t know what to expect. To help with this make a calendar and find a healthy routine. 记下你的功课, 学习时报, 工作安排, and anything else in your week that you know you have to do and when you have to do it. 这将帮助你建立一个例行程序,这样你就会对你的一天有一个很好的想法,这样你就不会感到措手不及.

This may seem contradictory to the last tip, but it isn’t. This doesn’t mean to break your routine regularly, 或者试着打破你的常规, but it does mean that you should give yourself wiggle room and g比赛 in that routine. Other than requirements like class and work, be okay with putting your laundry or studies off for an hour so that you can go be with your friends; this will create a healthy balance and allow you to focus more on the task at hand when you get back

我们所说的找到你安全的地方并不一定是找到一个你身体安全的地方. The hope is for you to always be physically safe wherever you go. This space should focus on where you can feel like you can fully relax. It is somewhere that you can go no matter what you are feeling. Whether you are sad for being home sick, angry because the 文化 is so different from where you come from, 等. Find somewhere that you can get away and relax, decompress, and take a pause. Examples could be a park, library, friend’s dorm, trusted faculty’s office, 等.

你的“为什么”应该是当文化冲击和其他事情变得困难时,你可以用来鼓励自己的东西. You may simply be here to get an education, 如果这是你唯一的目的, then there is nothing wrong with that, remind yourself why you want an education. 也许你是家里第一个接受教育的人,你想在毕业后帮助他们. Remind yourself of these things to give yourself the motivation to keep going.



Whether it is reading your religious material, celebrating the holy days, 等. continue to practice a you would at home. 这将使你的精神保持稳定,因为你生活中的其他一些事情看起来不太稳定.



Group of 15 students and administrators posing during Move In day

It is our suggestion that you make this group diverse. It is helpful to have people who can relate with you and talk to you about your home 文化, so please take advant年龄 of the relationships you can form with the other international students; however, we encour年龄 you to find American friends as well. They will be a great resource to you as you are adjusting to life in the U.S. and can more readily answer any questions for you as they come up.

If you happen to have any family in the area, ask them if you can visit during the weekend or maybe meet with them to share a meal.

Find the people who will be an advocate for you. For starters, the ISS Office are your go to advocates on campus, which includes your DSO’s. If you communicate and are honest with us, we will fight for you. Other advocates may include other faculty, or even connections you may make outside of Avila. 寻找支持你的人.


和其他大城市一样, Kansas City has its fair share of criminal activity that you want to be aware of, that way you can always be and feel safe during your time at Avila. You may hear about particular streets or pockets, and there are areas that you may want to avoid; however, we believe that if you simply follow the tips bellow, there is no need for you to worry about your safety while studying in Kansas City.

When it comes to any criminal activity, 尤其是暴力犯罪, there is always going to be more safety in numbers. When you go out in the city, go with a group of people and not as an individual. 如果你必须一个人去, make sure others know where you’re at and when you are supposed to be back in case of an emergency.

Whether you are in a group or not, it is a good idea to be mindful of how late you are out. We encour年龄 people not to stay out as it gets dark, but we also understand there are 活动 and events that may make you stay out late. 如果你打算在天黑后外出,为了你的安全,一定要遵循这个列表中的其他提示.

Try not to get lost physically or mentally. Even if you know where you are and where you are going, sometimes we can lose focus and stop paying attention to the things around us. This can be dangerous and lead us to situations that are no longer safe. Be sure to be paying attention of what and who is around you at all times.

Don’t just be mindful for yourself, but also for those you are traveling with. Watch each other’s backs, that way you and everyone in your group is safe.

I’m sure that someone of any gender can defend themselves equally in the case of an emergency; however, if you want to avoid being in an emergency situation altogether, records show that having a male in your group deters criminal activity significantly.

Take the time to get to know the new city that you will be or are living in. Learn the areas that are popular and which ones ought to be avoided. Learn where you can explore freely, and where you need to show caution. Just do your best to learn as much as you can so that you can be as safe as you can.

If you don’t know and you don’t want to try to find out on your own, just ask. The people that will know best are going to be the locals. 如果你问, they will share their favorite spots, 活动, and more with you; and through this you may even make a new friend.

There are a lot of other tips that could be helpful, 但如果你用你的常识, you will find that you are going to be just fine. Here are a few more specific tips that are obvious, but need stating.

    • 确保你的手机在你出门前总是充满电,这样你就永远没有办法寻求帮助.
    • 不要炫耀你的钱. When paying only take out what is needed when you need it, and then be sure to put it away right away.

Don’t leave your things unattended. This is safe in many countries, but not in America. If you leave something unattended, it is likely to get taken.


You may know how to live according to the laws in your country, but remember that 作为F-1学生, you are legally under the authority of the laws of the U.S. government, and these are different than many of the laws that you know in your home Country. Be sure to do your research that way you never find yourself in trouble with the law. 以下是一些亮点:

美国法定饮酒年龄.S. is 21. You may not purchase or consume any alcohol until you are 21 years of 年龄. 一旦你到了21岁, you may purchase and drink alcohol, but may not distribute alcohol to anyone less than 21 years of 年龄.

Smoking of any kind is prohibited on campus, 以及, by most government and public buildings, other than in designated smoking areas. No tobacco products may be purchased or used by anyone under the 年龄 of 18.

希望获得驾驶执照的学生可以与他们的DSO会面,然后去当地的DMV. Keep in mind that driving laws and sign年龄 may also look different here than in your home country, so be sure to learn the distinctions before ever getting on the road to avoid legal trouble.

The possession and use of marijuana is still prohibited by federal law. Although recreational and medical use is allowed by some states, 作为F-1学生, you are still held accountable under federal law, making it illegal for you to posses or consume marijuana.