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Avila University Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices


买球推荐软件app排名提倡负责任地使用社交媒体与未来和现在的学生进行沟通和建立关系, alumni, employees, parents and community members. The University recognizes the open and ever-changing purposes of social media, which can blend, at times, personal and professional roles. 大学支持自由和开放的表达,并使用社交媒体作为加速教学和学习的工具.

这些指导方针适用于机构网站上的所有社交媒体帖子,或作为大学代表在非机构网站上的帖子. 网页管理员保留删除用户生成的内容或评论的权利,根据这些指导方针的安全与大学和我们的观众.

The same laws, professional expectations, and guidelines for interacting with students, parents, alumni, donors, media, and other University constituents apply online as they do in the real world. 员工可以根据大学政策和主办网站的服务条款对他们在社交媒体网站上发布的任何内容负责. 这些指导方针和参与的最佳做法是为代表学校参与社交媒体的员工设计的.


All proposals to create official Avila University department, organization, 或俱乐部社交媒体帐户必须在创建之前提交给营销和传播办公室(OMC)批准.

代表大学创建的所有社交媒体帐户必须链接到学术或行政部门的行政电子邮件帐户. 市场营销和传播办公室还必须具有对社交媒体帐户的行政访问权限.

员工不得使用个人电子邮件帐户建立与大学相关的社交媒体帐户. More than one Avila employee must have administrative access to the account. Administrative access will be terminated upon the employee’s separation from employment, reassignment to another job, or for disciplinary reasons.

代表买球推荐软件app排名创建的社交媒体帐户是该大学的唯一财产. If a University department, club, or organization account is linked to an individual person, that person relinquishes all rights to the account, unless they work with OMC to transfer ownership of the account.

Official accounts are prohibited from:
  • Posting content that violates city, state, or federal laws and regulations
  • 发布或评论任何与法律事务、正在进行的调查或诉讼有关的内容
  • Using the University brand or name to endorse any view, product, private business, cause, or political candidate
  • Representing personal opinions as University-endorsed views or policies
  • 社交媒体帐户管理员和OMC保留审查和删除不适当内容的权利.
  • “买球推荐软件app排名”是学校的注册商标和专有知识产权. The Avila University name, logo, or any other University images or iconography may not be on personal, organizational, or departmental sites in a way that promotes a product, cause, political party, or candidate. Do not edit or modify logos.
  • Brand guidelines for University logos must be followed at all times.  任何与使用有关的问题都应直接向营销和传播办公室(omc@avila)提出.edu).
Media inquiries

任何回应媒体询问的人都必须首先联系并遵循营销高级总监的指示 & communications in the OMC.

Emergency Communications

所有危机和/或紧急通信将由大学危机通信小组生成,并将发布在Avila大学的主Facebook上, Twitter, and Instagram feeds with links to additional information.


Maintain Confidentiality

Posting sensitive or proprietary information about Avila or personal, medical, or financial information about students, alumni, or employees is prohibited.

Sound ethical judgment should be exercised, and University policies and federal requirements, such as FERPA, HIPAA, NAIA, and Title IX, must be followed. If a user is unclear about how these laws and regulations apply, he or she should consult OMC before posting such information.

Respect Copyright and Fair Use


Be Aware of Liability

所有社交媒体用户都要对他们在自己网站和他人网站上发布的内容负责. 社交媒体用户对被视为侵犯版权的评论负有责任, defamatory, threatening, proprietary, libelous, or obscene (as defined by the courts). Posts must be true, accurate, and helpful and not expose the University or the user to legal liability.


  • Define your goals and the scope of the account.
  • Who is the audience?
  • Can you devote three hours per week to creating content and managing the account? If not, consider another communication method.
  • What content can you create?
  • Which social network(s) will be used?
  • What will the name be? (You can check availability: http://namechk.com)
  • Set up a meeting with OMC (omc@mcsoccer.net) to discuss your goals and the best social media networks to use.
  • OMC不会管理该帐户,而只是在忘记登录信息或发生紧急情况时的备份.
  • Accounts can only be registered to faculty and staff members and must use their mcsoccer.net email addresses. Any account using the name Avila, “Dom”, or likeness of Avila University cannot be registered to a student.
  • Email omc@mcsoccer.net 为帮助设计个人资料照片和任何封面照片或背景艺术品的帐户.
  • Register for the account and start posting content. Only follow other appropriate users, nothing that reflects negatively on Avila or does not fit our brand.


Be Accurate. Make sure that your posts are accurate and factual. 最好先与消息来源核实信息,而不是稍后发布更正或撤回. If you make an error, correct it quickly and visibly. Spelling and grammar are extremely important when representing Avila; ensure that you double-check everything you post.

Be Timely. Timeliness is one of the expectations of social media. 准备好快速响应新的发展和网站上相关信息的公告. 确保社交媒体上的信息与你的传统沟通策略和校园活动相协调.

Accept and Monitor Comments and Replies. Social media is, and should be, a dialogue, not a monologue. 要明白并不是所有的评论和回复都是积极的,对消极的评论做出专业的回应,并提供任何可能有助于解决问题的额外信息. 用户可能会发表评论并开始与所讨论的帖子无关的对话. 定期监控和回应评论,并删除任何不适当的评论或广告的产品或服务与Avila无关.

Be Active. 社交媒体的存在需要勤奋的计划、管理互动和内容创造. 如果你没有时间或资源,每天至少花几分钟登录这些网站,每周发布几次新鲜内容, reconsider jumping into social media at this time. 不经常发布和低质量内容的帐户对您的部门或组织以及整个Avila都是有害的. 如果你开了一个社交媒体账号,然后意识到它既不能满足你的需求,也不能满足你的受众的需求, it is best to close the account rather than leave it inactive. Link back to Avila University content and pages whenever possible.

A good guideline is to post high-quality content at least weekly, year-round. If you are unable to make that commitment, consider sending content to omc@mcsoccer.net for posting on the institutional accounts.

Visual Content. Photographs should be high quality and sized appropriately for posting online. 只要没有模糊或像素化,手机和平板电脑的照片质量也可以接受. Photos should not have logos from other competitor institutions. 未经家长或监护人书面同意,不得张贴未报名的未成年人的照片. If contacted and asked to remove a photo by an individual for any reason, the photo should be removed promptly. Contact the OMC with questions. 

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